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Welcome to 2011

We are back ... did ya miss us?  

Today we discuss the futuristic  HD3 Nextgen , the Tag Heuer Concept, Cyma Myriad Watches  and the MB&F HM2

Ariel will be at S.I.H.H. next week so can can expect some interesting news either directly from Geneva or as soon as he returns.  

"What are we gunna do till then?"  - Stimpy

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undefinedThis is it: Episode 50 and just in time for the new year to start. 

While they were still in Florida, John and Ariel record this exclusive interview with Ulysses Nardin CEO,  Rolf W. Schnyder. Also, the year in brief review.

In a small town of Le Locle lies one of the global “big boys” Ulysse Nardin. Behind this exceptional brand is Rolf W Schnyder, a Swiss with over 40 years of experience in various aspects of wristwatch production.


HourTime is a weekly podcast about watches, watchmaking, and other cool stuff. It is hosted by Ariel Adams and John Biggs

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