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This week we have a new audio ninja, Beau Hudspeth, who turned the show into pure honey. Let us know what you think!
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This week we talk eBay Brands, Sinn, and F.P. Journe.
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We talk Seiko's e-ink watch, old styles made new, and unattainable watches.
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This week we talk about Ariel's trip to Switzerland and how it's a good idea to eat the rich.
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This week we talk about a million dollar watch and the brand new bomb timer.
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This week we talk about Parmagiani, Liquid Metal, and Fakes.
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Live from Monterey we ride in Veyrons and eat organic apples while talking about watches and more.
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This week we rant about PR (sorry) and talk about some fun watches.
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All about watch collecting.
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We talk about the new MB&F and Japanese watch styles.
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