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This episode we talk about our favorite watch repair tips as well as some watch legends.
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The boys talk about watch collecting and two great boutique brands that are making a dent in the market.
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Episode 13 - Pet Peeves and Mystery Watches
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This episode we talk tourbillons, watch styles, and more news from SIHH.
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Ariel is back from Switzerland with news of new Panerais, Jaegers, and more.
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The boys talk about the most complex watch in the world, the ugliest watch in the world, and everything in between.
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Ariel and John talk about Praesto watches, Project X Rolexen, and our hopes and dreams for 2010.
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Ariel and John go all holiday on you with stories about ski watches, the Olympics and James Bond, Pluto, and other icy objects.
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John and Ariel talk about the best watches to give and get this holiday season along with a few real clinkers.
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This week we talk about the ugliest watch in the world and TAG Heuer's huge mistake.
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