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The lads are back in the US and they're ready to talk about watches cheap and expensive.

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We're back! This episode we feature everything we missed in the past few weeks. I apologize for my sound quality in advance - we had a creeping noise issue but I wanted to get the show out so we'll fix it next week. 

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This week we talk about De Bethune's new diver and what it feels like for a newbie watch collector.

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This week a sick John and a sprightly Ariel take on the future of watches.

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Welcome to the HourTime show, the best 30 minute (+/-) hour podcast on the web.

In this weeks episode we discuss:

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We don't usually ask for much, but hear us out. Visit for more details.

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Welcome to the HourTime show, the best 30 minute (+/-) hour podcast on the web.

This week's episode is wildly late and probably not up the exact same standards of quality you're used to. For that we apologize. Beau's Dad isn't well so he's been away for a while and I figured we'd get this out rather than just sit on it. Enjoy, if you dare.

- Sub-Audio Ninja

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