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In this wide-ranging interview we talk to Chris "Doc" Vail about homages and the recent Ginault mess on Reddit.

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Are you a damn fool for paying retail? The lads discuss.

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In another twofer Victor and Richard talk watchmaking.

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What does it take to open a Rolex? Richard knows.

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In this episode the lads talk about Europe and the magic of watchmaking.

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In this episode Victor and John talk about the best watches for a couple and then they get angry that everything is so expensive.

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In this episode Victor Marks interviews Ross Davis of Hamtun Watches. 

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In this episode Victor and Richard go deep on what makes a real watch.

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In this episode we talk about the value of watches - and whether they're really worth what they're worth.

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We've resurrected the HourTime podcast because, well, podcasts are big money and we want to be rich. In this episode you'll meet your new watch geeks, John Biggs, Victor Marks, and Richard Paige and we'll talk about Richard's pornography habit. Enjoy!

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