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The man behind Igneous watches, Aritz Bermudez Monfort, joins us to talk about what it's like to have an idea, start over, and make the thing you really wanted all along.

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Doc Vail of NTH and Lew & Huey joins us to talk about considerations to be made when starting a watch microbrand!

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Chris Vail, maker of NTH and Lew&Huey watches stops in to talk to us about the watch industry, what it's like being a microbrand, and more.

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John and Victor talk about Sjoo from Stockholm, pre-ordering the NTH Devil Ray, and you could win a Bosun watch from us!

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John Keil of WatchGauge stops by to talk about the changing face of the watch industry, and what excites him about micro-brands.

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John and Victor discuss the Archimede GMT, Kickstarters who aren't ETA snobs, and how you too, can get a free watch from John. Free watch? FREE WATCH!

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Carl F. Bucherer, a Casio worldtimer, and Bitcoin. A discussion of Presidential watches, and John's summer in Europe.

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John and Victor talk about the Polish airforce and watches inspired by it, and Victor struggles with the idea of a 50,000 Grand Seiko. 

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John and Victor meticulously spent hours literal minutes seconds preparing to bring you this fine episode all about Grubel Forsey, Graham's latest limited edition Chronofighter, and what watch companies should be doing. 

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The field watches are upon us this week, as John and Victor talk Fellman, Minus8 Anza, and screw-in lugs versus fixed lugs.

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...I'd rather outline my body in white chalk.

John and Victor talk about Breiting and Glycine acquisitions.

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A rant to forget: John tolerates one last rant from Victor on a Swiss watch company taking shortcuts. 

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Victor and Patrick talk about Baltic watches, Chronographs, and how you find value in watches with affordable movements.

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This quick episode brings discussions of the future of the watch industry (grim) and some decidedly not grim pieces we reviewed. 

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This week we talk about 1950s watches, why John is sad, and AVI-8.

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This week we talk about Macedonia, Basel, and two watches that tickle our wickets.

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This week we talk about dive watches, Germany, and a flask!

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Patrick Kansa joins the show to talk about Pantor Sea Lion Diver, NTH and the classic IWC Aquatimer, and the Borealis Porto Santo, a watch that boogies to the beat.

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We talk about watch of the month clubs and a Swiss-designed watch made in China with Japanese bits. It’s a good show.


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This week we talk a lot about Italian watches and wonder if Italy is proud of its air force.

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This week we rant about social media and watch PR and look at a few cool, low-cost watches.

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This week Victor talks about his $41 Invicta and then we drool over $1 million watches. It's a crazy world.

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This week we have special friend Victor Marks talking about Swatch, MB&F, and Norway. Skol!

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This week we talk about Italian, Polish, and horribly-named watches.

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