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HourTime is a weekly podcast about watches, watchmaking, and other cool stuff. It is hosted by Ariel Adams and John Biggs.


Along with us today is the 'Watch Matchmaker', Meehna Goldsmith from



Meehna lends her expertise on choosing the best watch to match your personality and the look you are trying to convey as well as supplying her input on the vintage vs. new watch debate.



Meehna has become internationally known and respected as a leading expert in luxury timepieces with a keen understanding of the market and emerging trends. Both luxury timepiece buyers and sellers regularly seek her advice and opinions. 


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HourTime is a weekly podcast about watches, watchmaking, and other cool stuff. It is hosted by Ariel Adams and John Biggs.

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In this episode we speak about the Ralph Lauren, Ludovic Ballouard & the Perrelet TURBINE XL. 
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We talk about pretension and the best holiday watches.
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A bit late, but today we interview Stephen Urquhart.
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Everyone wanted an Invicta show and you have it.
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We talk about why iPhone apps are a good/bad idea.
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We talk about precision, precision, precision.
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John Tries To Join The NAWCC 
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An interview with Stephen Hallock of MB&F.
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This week we have a new audio ninja, Beau Hudspeth, who turned the show into pure honey. Let us know what you think!
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This week we talk eBay Brands, Sinn, and F.P. Journe.
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We talk Seiko's e-ink watch, old styles made new, and unattainable watches.
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This week we talk about Ariel's trip to Switzerland and how it's a good idea to eat the rich.
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This week we talk about a million dollar watch and the brand new bomb timer.
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This week we talk about Parmagiani, Liquid Metal, and Fakes.
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Live from Monterey we ride in Veyrons and eat organic apples while talking about watches and more.
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This week we rant about PR (sorry) and talk about some fun watches.
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All about watch collecting.
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We talk about the new MB&F and Japanese watch styles.
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This week we talk Hublot, Tissot, and the passing of Nicolas Hayek.
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An interview with Carlos of Bell&Ross and a few choice timepieces are skewered.
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We talk about getting stabbed, attacked, and Seiko-ed.
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The boys hang out at JCK in Vegas, America's biggest watch show.
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Kobold or KO-bold? Plus Breitling and Citizen
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This episode we talk about JCK and JLC. Sorry about Ariel's side. He apparently recorded it in his bathroom.
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An Interview with Jeff Kuo of Xetum Watches.
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The RGM Pennsylvania Tourbillon and Seiko's new CEO.
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This week we talk about the Essex Diver and a new Speedmaster
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CostCo v. Omega, the Longines E-Shop, and more
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We discuss Bell & Ross, Eterna's sell out, and COSC certification.
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Worst of Basel and an Interview with RGM Watches

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This week the boys talk about Basel and John rants about Rolex.
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An interview with David Freemont McCready from and Chat Rickicki from Chad the Watch Guy. I’m having some trouble getting the Mevio link up, but I’ll put it up shortly.
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Ariel is getting ready for Basel and we talk collecting tips for you and yours.
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Here is an edited version of our first call in show. We're working on the quality, but it was a lot of fun.
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This week the guys talk about fashion watches and real watches, including an $80,000 monster by Richard Mille. Don't forget our call-in show on Friday!
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This episode we talk about our favorite watch repair tips as well as some watch legends.
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The boys talk about watch collecting and two great boutique brands that are making a dent in the market.
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Episode 13 - Pet Peeves and Mystery Watches
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This episode we talk tourbillons, watch styles, and more news from SIHH.
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Ariel is back from Switzerland with news of new Panerais, Jaegers, and more.
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The boys talk about the most complex watch in the world, the ugliest watch in the world, and everything in between.
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Ariel and John talk about Praesto watches, Project X Rolexen, and our hopes and dreams for 2010.
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